HCS660 Horizontal Coil Cut Off Machine-Saw

HCS660 Horizontal Coil Cut Off Machine-Saw

The HCS660 Horizontal Coil Cutoff machine drastically reduces the time and manual labor it takes to strip coils from a motor. Compared to old hammer and chisel method, this machine is sure to be a positive addition to any motor repair shop. The investment in a HCS660 can be completely recovered in less than a year. In some high volume motor repair shops, it may only be a matter of months.  Stripping motor coils becomes a project that takes a matter of minutes rather than hours. The Horizontal Coil Cutoff Machine is the most efficient and cost effective way to extract motor coils.


  • Simple to use and comes with a pull out, hide away keyboard and trackball mouse
  • Runs Mach 4 Software which simplifies set-up and programming
  • Easily programmable for a variety of motor sizes
  • Powerful Servo Motors will accurately move the cutting wheel to follow a uniform circular path
  • Efficient coil cutting is achieved by optimized feed, speed, and cutting conditions
  • Easily jog the cutting wheel into position through the third axis power feed option


  • 2 Axis Cut Off Saw with standard table- 2 x 4
  • 2 Axis Cut off Saw with optional bolt on table- 3 x4
  • 3 Axis Cut Off Saw with optional bolt on table- 3 x 4