Steel Cones and Funnels

Steel Cones and Funnels

Turner Industries Inc. produces heavy duty steel cones and funnels that are compatible with 55 gallon drums and are used to drain large amounts of liquid in a safe manner.

These cones and funnels are made out of 16 gauge steel, can hold up to 8.25 gallons of liquid, and will tolerate liquid of extreme temperatures (hot and cold).

The anti burp tube is very helpful when draining liquids that may cause harm if they were to splash up out of a funnel.  This tube acts as an airway for the liquid to breathe which allows a continuous flow, without gurgling.  The anti burp tube eliminates the splash back that could occur with other funnels.

The filtering grate is another beneficial option for the separation of debris or particles from the drained liquid. The filtering grate is welded on the funnel and is made to catch unwanted material from draining down through the funnel.

The cones and funnels we manufacture can be used for various purposes including, deer feeders and barbecue smokers.


  • Material: 16 Gauge Heavy Duty Steel
  • Capacity:  8.25 liquid gallons
  • Diameter: 23″


  • Steel Cone with welded NPT Coupling: .75 inch, 1 inch, or 1.25 inch for attachment to 55 gallon drum.
  • Steel Cone available without NPT Coupling and only a 1.5 inch opening to weld on a Coupling or Fitting of your choice
  • Steel Funnel with welded NPT Fitting: 2 inch for attachment to 55 gallon drum
  • Steel Funnel with welded NPT Fitting: 2 inch with Anti Burp Tube option to eliminate splash back and allow continuous flow
  • Steel Funnel with welded NPT Fitting: 2 inch with Filtering Grate option available to separate debris or unwanted particles
  • Manufactured in Chippewa Falls, WI USA.