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Lancer L-750 Vertical Coil Cut Off Machine

Strip coils from large motors in minutes!

Are you still using the hammer and chisel method to restore and rebuild motors?
Dramatically reduce the time and effort you spend stripping motor coils with a Lancer Coil Cut Off Machine. Typically, investing in a coil cut off machine can be completely recovered in less than a year!


Complete Cutting Machine with:

  • Single Phase (L750-1) Drive Motor
    or Three Phase (L750-3) Drive Motor
  • Magnetic Starter with Overload Protection
  • 3 HP, 3600 RPM
  • Foot Switch Control
  • Face Shield
  • Assortment of Abrasive Cutting Wheels

Basic Machine (L750-2) without drive motor, magnetic drive motor starter, and foot switch


  • Spindle Speed Options of 6500 or 8300 RPM
  • 59" Swing Length
  • Abrasive Cutting Wheel/Blade Diameter of 4”, 6”, and 8” (we recommend Remgrit abrasive cutting wheels/blades)
  • 36" Maximum Motor Frame Diameter with 48" Floor Mounted Turntable
  • 20" Maximum Motor Frame Length with 36" Floor Mounted Turntable
  • 48" Minimum Motor Frame Size
  • 6" Maximum Reach (Outer Frame Edge to Stator Laminations)


Power Lift Motor
The gear reduced drive raises and lowers the cutting arm smoothly and effortlessly. Eliminates time consuming hand cranking and operator fatigue. Reduces stator change over time and reduces labor costs with the flip of a switch.

Floor Mounted Turntable
Increases motor size capability. The spinning motion increases mobility of motor and access to coils. Spindle Extension increases motor size capability by six inches.

6" Spindle Extension
Increases motor size capability.

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Coil Cut Off Machine

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